How much does it cost to repair carpet?

Carpet flooring provides comfort in any room and it is extremely flexible, since it comes in many colors and styles, giving you the possibility of creating the environment that you most want for your room. For this reason, carpets are a common flooring material and there are a variety of reasons for which your carpet may need repair. This cost guide will cover the most common reasons and the cost to fix each problem, with the average price for carpet repair around $100.

The cost for carpet repair depends on the carpet issues. Common problems include: 

loose and baggy carpet might be caused for a humidity problem, for which you can try a dehumidifier. If it does not work, a professional will be needed to repair it by stretching and re-tacking it, which typically costs $150-$250 for a 200 square foot area.

Holes are normally caused by burns and rips. A hole that is one square inch or smaller can be repaired with a carpet plug, which is done by cutting out the bad section of carpet and inserting a plug in matching material. This process usually costs around $100 for professional materials and labor. Larger holes can also be repaired with a patch (although it will be more noticeable) or by replacing the entire section of carpet. Plugging a larger hole can cost $150-$200, while replacing the area is generally more expensive; carpet averages $2-$4 per sq.ft. ($30-$40 per square yard) and its installation $55 per hour.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Basic carpet cleaning averages $60 per 12’x18′ room.
  • Replacing carpet padding  averages $8-$12 per square foot.

 Others considerations and costs

  • Carpet damage in areas that are harder to reach, such as under large furniture or in small corners, can require more time to fix and raise the cost of your repair by 10%-20%.
  • Some carpet repair companies may offer a discount if you repair multiple areas at once. Many carpet companies also offer discounts to homeowners who move their own furniture.
  • It may be harder to find an exact match to patch older carpet, but the longer shag of older carpet also makes repair lines less noticeable.
  • If your carpet is flooded with clean water, let it dry for 12 hours and move the furniture off of it so that their colors don’t bleed on the carpet. Avoid foot traffic. If it doesn’t dry properly or the water was not clean, you may want to replace your carpet.

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